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Maple Leaf Matting Inc., follows an IESG strategy managed by our parent company, Strad’s Sustainability Working Committee. This Committee is composed of individuals from across our business to provide a diverse perspective on our efforts on ESG topics, and to support the activation of our approach to IESG throughout our business. The Committee provides updates to leadership with specific details of our efforts to ensure effective management of our IESG priorities. We follows a content gathering and approval process to ensure this report accurately reflects our practices and performance.


We have been embedding sustainability principles into how we do business, our decision-making processes, and our everyday activities since Strad’s inception in 2006. In 2021, we took an essential step in this journey with the completion of our first formal materiality assessment to inform our future sustainability work and to shape and prioritize the content of this report. We enlisted IESG-focused third-party guidance and referenced both the GRI and SASB Standards to complete our assessment in three stages: topic identification, prioritization, and validation.

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