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The skills and competence of Maple Leaf Matting's highly trained workforce is a key advantage for the organization. The commitment of employees to operational excellence and the highest standards of customer service drives our success.


Maple Leaf Matting is a company where people can develop their potential. We believe in balancing business needs with individual career goals, and matching personal performance with company performance. Our philosophy of aligning Maple Leaf Matting's goals with stakeholders extends to supporting our employees and their families, and the communities where they live and work.

mlm Safety


  • Principles that ensure high standards of business ethics in all of our interactions

  • Recognition and reward of high-achieving performance

  • Career development

  • Comprehensive benefits programs for employees and their families

  • Wellness programs supporting positive health habits

  • Active community involvement by Maple Leaf Matting and our employees

  • Support Canadian and US Armed Forces personnel in finding a career that suits their needs and matches personal interests as they transition into civilian life


Maple Leaf Matting is an equal opportunity employer, and in accordance with applicable federal, state and provincial laws, will not discriminate in recruitment, employment, promotion, training or any other job-related matters regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability or any other classification proscribed under applicable federal, state/provincial or local law.

Career Opportunities


Now hiring for a Matting Field Supervisor in Ontario, Canada. Click the link above to learn more and apply!

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