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Our Company
Maple Leaf Matting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strad Inc., offering high-quality environmental access matting and related services for industrial projects of any size for eastern Canada's terrain. Our customer-focused sales team and experienced operations team know what it takes to keep your project on schedule and within budget, that’s why we take care of the logistics too. 

Maple Leaf Matting is known for preserving the environment, customer satisfaction and safety excellence when it comes to power transmission, pipeline, mining, forestry, and construction projects. 

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Indigenous Relations
Indigenous Relations.jpg

We believe Maple Leaf Matting can make a difference through strategic partnerships that support the diverse priorities of Indigenous communities. We will go above and beyond so that every group we work with shares economic...

Health + Safety

Maple Leaf Matting's safety program is designed to ensure that our people share a common duty to prevent injuries, illnesses, and to protect the environment. We emphasize a mindset that HSE is part of every employee's... 

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